Welcome to the Austin Poetry Society!

The Austin Poetry Society (APS) encourages the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry.


A Note From Our New Communications Director, Carie Juettner:APS-Emblem-Gray-A


Well, it’s finally SUMMER in Austin. The temperatures have climbed up to a hundred degrees and seem happy to stay there a while. As the heat drives us indoors, we seek cooler, calmer ways of engaging our minds. Maybe that’s even what brought you to our website today—a reason to sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes. Well, now that you’re here, feel free to poke around a bit.

Since May, I’ve taken over the job of maintaining the APS website. My goal is to make it as interesting, informative, and easy to access as possible. I’ve updated the events page, added a calendar, and worked out a few kinks in the monthly contest guidelines. As the year goes on, I’ll continue to modify, revise, and tweak our online presence in ways that will hopefully benefit our members. So if you see anything here that confuses you or if you have any suggestions for making the website better, don’t hesitate to send me an email at: austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. I’ll do the best I can to improve things.

Before you go, take a peek at The Poetry Caravan page. The new fall schedule is up and we could use a few more poets to take their words and voices to the senior homes, memory facilities, and shelters we serve. It’s a worthwhile cause and a heartwarming experience for all involved. Plus, all venues are air conditioned. :)

Stay cool, and we’ll see you soon,

— Carie Juettner