Welcome to the Austin Poetry Society!

The Austin Poetry Society (APS) encourages the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry.


Meeting Recap:

This month's meeting was at the Windsor Park Library.

Thank you to everyone who came to the beautiful Windsor Park Library for our April meeting. We all loved the “Reading Between the Lions” statue outside.

Chuck read from his book, Heterosexual (a love story)

And a BIG thanks to our guest speaker, Chuck Taylor. Chuck read several of his poems, shared some of his unique forms (such as poems written with the same number of words/syllables per line), and encouraged poets to “make it new” and consider the “personal, communal, and social” aspects of their poetry. It was an excellent presentation. Thanks again, Chuck!

The winners of the March Monthly Contest were also announced at the meeting. Here are the results:

Our judge this month was Elzy Cogswell. Elzy Cogswell, past president of the Austin Poetry Society, retired from librarianship at the end of 2006 and has been a full-time poet ever since. Recently he published his first chapbook, Love Songs for Hyde Park. His poems number over 2,200; 162 have been published. Some of them have won prizes, beginning in the APS, and now including state and national contests.

Judge’s Results:

General Verse:

1st Place – “The Moon’s Gift” by Barbara Blanks
2nd Place – “From the Club Car Window” by Ralph Hausser
3rd Place – “Park Bench Transient” by Greg Silver
4th Place – “Love is a Sparrow” by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
5th Place – “Excavating” by Carie Juettner

Humorous Verse:

1st Place – “Everything Bagels” by Kathleen Burke
2nd Place – “How I Would Like to Be Remembered” by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
3rd Place – “Fresh Sheets” by Greg Silver
4th Place – “Look Out Below” byBarbara Blanks
5th Place – “Dollar Store Soliloquy” by Cynthia J. Drake

[* Remember, it is an honor simply to be in the top five finalists!]


Popular Results:
(as voted on by the members present at the April meeting)

General Verse:

1st Place – Tie between”Park Bench Transient” by Greg Silver and”Excavating” by Carie Juettner
2nd Place – Tie between”The Moon’s Gift” by Barbara Blanks and”Love is a Sparrow” by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
3rd Place – “From the Club Car Window” by Ralph Hausser

Humorous Verse:

1st Place -“How I Would Like to Be Remembered” by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
2nd Place – Tie between “Everything Bagels” by Kathleen Burke and “Fresh Sheets” by Greg Silver
3rd Place – “Dollar Store Soliloquy” by Cynthia J. Drake
4th Place – “Look Out Below” byBarbara Blanks

What a year it’s been… Let’s celebrate!

The 2015-2016 APS year is coming to a close. It’s been a good one, filled with lots of great poetry, lots of amazing guest speakers, and lots of new names in our roster and faces at our meetings. Now it’s time to celebrate! We have one more meeting before we take a break for the summer, and it’s a good one. Our May meeting is our Annual Awards Celebration. We’ll meet at The North Door (501 Brushy St., Austin, TX 78702) on Saturday, May 28th from 2:30* to 5:30PM where we’ll celebrate the year and announce the winners of the Annual Contests. First, second, and third place poets will be announced, and first place poets will be asked to get up and read their poems. (Greg Silver will read the poems for winners who are not present.) The North Door has a full bar and sells pizza, so come enjoy an afternoon of food, drink, poetry, and merriment.

This is also a great time to renew your membership! Per our by-laws, all memberships expire in May, regardless of when you joined, so get a jump start on the 2016-2017 year and go ahead and renew now.

We hope to see everyone on May 28th! APS would be nothing without our poets. We look forward to celebrating with you.

* Note: This is a change from what was previously posted on the website. The event will begin at 2:30PM, not 3:00PM.


Bus Poem 006

Own a Piece of APS Poetry!

In 2012, the Austin Poetry Society teamed up with Capital Metro to host the Poetry With Wheels contest. Poets submitted their poems, and the winning entries were published in Capital Metro buses in Austin. The bus placards were designed by Christine Gilbert and all are unique, inspiring works of art.

The Poetry With Wheels contest is over, and most of the poems have been removed from the buses, but the APS has extra copies of some of the beautiful placards, and we would like to offer them to YOU for a small donation. These poetic pieces of art would look great in a home, office, library, or classroom. They are 28 inches wide and 11 inches tall and made of thick cardboard.

For details about how to own one of these winning poems, CLICK HERE.



If you are a member of the Austin Poetry Society and would like to volunteer to serve on the board, please email us at austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. We are currently looking for a treasurer, a newsletter editor, and one at-large board member. If you would like to help out but can’t commit to a board position, we always need volunteers to serve on our committees as well. Let us know if you can help!