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The Austin Poetry Society (APS) encourages the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry.

A Note About Gratitude for Muses and Friendly Poets From Board Member and Monthly Contest Committee Chair Judith Austin Mills:


Claire V. Camargo wrote last month that she found her poetic muse later in life. Her candid greeting reminded me that Naomi Shihab Nye tells audiences she wanted to be a poet since she was six years old. Our stories are so varied, about how and when we come to embrace poetry as essential. For sure, you don’t need to be from off-beat central Texas to join APS. Our membership has history and imagination plugged in all over the globe.

Born near the flat border between Kansas and Missouri, I think you’ll guess how fortunate I’ve always felt to grow up with a family that rejoices in creativity—in poetry, lyrics, rhythm, music. As a six-year-old, I never wondered if every child had parents who quoted poems. I took it for granted. Later, I learned you have to search for your other family, for like-minded people who appreciate your poetic bent even as they shake your hand for the first time. In identifying Elzy Cogswell as my initial APS acquaintance, I am among many who could write pages on his welcoming demeanor.

Let me wholeheartedly invite you to enter one of our Monthly Contests. Think of November, January, and March, our upcoming submission months, as special chances to reward your muse. Surely your newest poetry or some lines you’ve kept tucked away deserve sharing. If you are a finalist in General or Light Verse, you’ll hear your poem read aloud. If a judge dubs you a winner, your poem will appear in our next APS anthology. If you live near our meeting locations, come shake hands with some of the friendliest poets on the planet!

— Judith

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 The results of our latest monthly contest are in our November MuseLetter.