Welcome to the Austin Poetry Society!

The Austin Poetry Society (APS) encourages the reading, writing, and appreciation of poetry.

A Note About Poetic Inspiration From Our Secretary, Claire Vogel Camargo:

APS-Emblem-Gray-AI discovered my poetry muse a little later in life. Did not major in writing or literature in college, but rather earned my degrees in nursing. Then several years ago I just started writing out of the clear blue without any knowledge of forms or other ‘rules.’ I took some classes with the Writers’ League of Texas, joined the Austin Poetry Society. Began attending workshops and critique groups. Started submitting poems to contests, anthologies, and more recently to journals. Yes, I placed in a few contests and have had some poems published. Yes, I’ve way more rejections than acceptances. And that’s okay. Sometimes.

What I realized is that, just as you have to be behind the wheel of a car to actually learn the directions somewhere, you have to practice at the wheel yourself to learn how to write poetry. For example, I had an interest in writing ekphrastic poetry once I had a taste of it. The same with other forms. Getting behind the wheel is participating in small groups, sharing and discussing everyone’s poetic attempts. Saying what you don’t understand, or how it could be better. Doing some research. My focus this summer and now this fall is on the Japanese short form of poetry, haiku.

What will be your focus this fall or coming year? Attending APS member meetings is sure to help. I look forward to seeing you there!

— Claire

*     *     *

Our next meeting is Saturday, October 17th at 1:30 P.M. at the Cepeda Branch of the Austin Public Library (651 N Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78702). Our guest speaker will be Silva Merjanian. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Note: We will also be voting on changes to the APS by-laws at the October meeting. Below is a synopsis of the changes. To see the by-laws in their entirety, click here.

Synopsis of Changes:

• Specific Board Name and Duties Changes are:
Recording Secretary to Secretary, First Vice President to Vice President, Corresponding Secretary to Communication Director (website and social media), added Membership Director, Historian and Second Vice President were deleted. • Current Board: 6 Members and 2 at-Large President Barbara Gregg Vice President Brad Strahan Secretary Claire Vogel Camargo Communication Director Carie Juettner Treasurer Barbara Gregg (temporarily) Membership Director Sonny Regelman Member At-Large (2) Judith Austin Mills, Susan Rooke
• The following Standing Committees are retained:
Finance, Monthly Contest, Annual Contest, Publicity, and Publications (WITH THREE SPECIFIC SUB-COMMITTEES, Newsletter, Yearbook and Anthology). The follow Committees are deleted Critics and Programs, Balloting, Honors, Yearbook, Telephone, Poetry Day. Most of the necessary functions of deleted committees are added to other committees. We still have the ability to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed.
• The Publication Committee will have Anthology, Yearbook, and Newsletter responsibilities. Each major section will have a sub-committee leader. Kathryn Culpepper for the Newsletter Editor, Allyson Whipple and Nancy Fierstien for the Anthology Editors Sonny Regelman (new Membership Director nominee) for the yearbook.
• The Membership Director will maintain a current membership list and provide it for all functions or committees as they need it. Will also handle Constant Contact.
• The Yearbook and Monthly Newsletters will be going to online only version. Moving to online communication will make the information more timely, with more interesting (pictures, monthly articles, etc.), will reduce the postage and printing costs, and will substantially reduce the time needed by the editor to put the newsletter together each month. However, anyone who is without electronic access can still receive a printed copy by contacting the Membership Director, Newsletter Editor or the President.