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Thank you!

The Austin Poetry Society received a generous donation in honor of Patricia Fiske.

“Patricia Fiske has led a diverse creative life. She was an actress, performing at Zachary Scott Theatre in such shows as The Sunshine Boys, Tovarich, Mornings at Seven, Tribute, and A Life.

At Hyde Park Theatre, she was in The Princess Travels, Nuts, Piano Bar, and Final Touches. She also performed in Quail in the Pines at the Paramount Theatre and in Miss Liberty at the Zilker Hillside Theatre, where she had a standing ovation for her performance. She also performed in several films, Olympia, The Last Run, and Borderlands.

During the seventies, Patricia became a puppeteer, performing with her friend, Linalice Carey as The Bijuberti Puppet Players. They created over twenty-five shows and presented them at malls, in homes and in Hyde Park Theatre, which Linalice founded. Seven of her puppet plays have been published, as well as a book, CURTAIN CALLS-PUPPETRY FOR SENIORS, published by the Hogg Foundation.

She began writing poetry in the eighties and performing them at open mics around town. She has four chap books of her poetry, Late Bloomer, Old Yellow Dog, Lantana Lives, and Sacred Cycle. Her book, Spirit Rocks, is shared with three other poets.

Her poetry appears in: RUSTIC RUB, POESIA Y CALLE – 1996, AIPF SAMPLER – 1996, DI.VERSE.CITY TOO.

She founded a group called Ripe ‘N Ready, which performed works by the John Henry Faulk Theatre and was called, Prime Pickin’s.

She began writing for the theatre, starting with monologues and short plays and founded a production company, Writers for the Performing Arts, which produced four monologue and short plays shows for which she wrote and directed. More recently, she has written a memoir, Secrets I Couldn’t Tell My Children.”



Patricia Fiske

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Happy Belated 90th Birthday, Patricia Fiske!

We Love You!

Bellevue Possey!


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Deadline Approaching!

Don’t forget– you have less than a month to submit your your entries for the APS annual contests. Poems are due by April 1, 2017. Winners will be announced at our awards ceremony in May. Cash prizes will be given for first, second, and third place poems. See our contest page for all the details. You can’t win if you don’t enter!

Send us your Poetic Insights!

Where do you find poetic inspiration? Who first introduced you to poetry? How has poetry changed your life? Do you have a funny poetic anecdote to share? APS is looking for short, poetry-related insights to post on our website homepage each month. If you’re interested in providing a snippet of poetic prose, email us at austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. Blurbs should be 200-300 words long and accompanied by a photo of you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t forget to renew your membership!

All APS memberships expire in May of each year, so now is the perfect time to renew. We’ll be starting up the meetings and monthly contests again this fall, and you don’t want to miss out! To renew your membership or join for the first time, visit our Join the APS page. You can submit your application online or print a copy and mail it in. We hope to see you all again this September!

April 2016 APS meeting

Share Your Photos!

If you have pictures from our Annual Awards Ceremony or any of our recent meetings that you would like to post to our Gallery page, email the files to austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. If you did not take the photos yourself, please tell us who did so we can give proper credit. Thanks!



If you are a member of the Austin Poetry Society and would like to volunteer, please email us at austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. We are currently looking for a treasurer, as well as people to chair various committees. Let us know if you can help!