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Poetry is Everywhere

This month’s Poetic Insight is from APS’s Communications Director, Carie Juettner

cariejuettnerbioToday, as I sat in the chilly, impersonal, backdrop of the car dealership, I was thinking about poetry. Normally, when I think of poetry, I don’t think of car dealerships. Nature comes to mind. Childhood memories. Humorous slices of life. Not cold tile floors and blue polo shirts and a steady stream of waiting and signing. And waiting. And signing. But today, with new car smell in my nose and upbeat pop music serenading my ears, I found my mind counting syllables, making metaphors, and jotting down lines. Upgrades. Base model. The best we can do. Complete satisfaction. Let’s make this happen. And I realized that poetry exists everywhere. Even in jargon. Even in car dealerships.

Poetry exists everywhere. That’s the beauty of it. Poetry exists everywhere, and so do poets. Some write serious poetry in strict forms. Others write free verse. Others write humorous haiku. We come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, from every corner of the earth. But as disparate as our subjects and styles and backgrounds may be, poetry brings us together. It unites us in the way we see the world, the way we view and use language. And we’re hiding in plain sight. In the grocery store. In the classroom. At the pool. At the bus stop.

Even in the car dealership.

— Carie Juettner

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September begins a new season of Austin Poetry Society meetings. We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, September 17th, at the Yarborough Library to unite in the spirit poetry.

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April 2016 APS meeting

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