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A Note From At-Large Board Member, Susan Rooke:

This month, Susan shares her perspective on resolutions, and how we each have to find our own path to productivity.


The coming of yet another new year reminds me of a project I first undertook on January 1st, 2007. That year I resolved I was going to write a poem a day. Nothing new about that. Lots of poets do it. I was just beginning to write poetry again after a long hiatus (marriage, family, and other excuses that sounded flaccid even to me), and I badly needed the practice.

I made it through day # 165. On day # 166 I simply could not write another poem, and I felt awful about it. I managed maybe 20 more for the rest of the year, but I was a long way from my goal of 365.

So the following year I tried again, slogging through 120-something days of mostly very bad, weather-related poems. How many poems could I write about clouds without tearing my hair out? About 40.

Was that enough self-flagellation? You’d think, but no. In 2009 I tried again, and in 2010 again, each time making it through fewer consecutive days before grinding to a halt. And after four years of these misguided attempts, I did learn something. The take-no-prisoners determination to grit my teeth and write a poem every day was throttling any small talent or skill I otherwise might have nurtured. The only time I wrote something halfway decent was once I’d relaxed and given up the goal for another year.

I’m not a daily poet. Do I envy those of you who are? Yes! Do I wish I could approach your productivity level? You bet! Here it is February, and you’ve already written more than 30 poems! But that’s just not me. So that I don’t completely descend into guilt and sloth-dom, I now set a loose goal of 20 poems a year. And that loose goal has carried me comfortably through the last five years.

Now I have to work on my daily walk resolution.

— Susan Rooke

* * *

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