Special contests are sponsored by Austin Poetry Society patrons at different times throughout the year.  Poets must be Austin Poetry Society members to enter.  Only one poem may be entered per contest.  Later changes or additional poems will not be considered. 


Sponsor: Benjamin Nash 
Any style, 30 line limit. 

Subject:  Simple Gifts 


First Prize:  $25             
Second Prize:  $15       

Third Prize:  $5             

Submissions to be sent in JUNE by email to 
and received by June 30, 2024.  Poetry may be sent within the email text and/or doc. or docx. attachments.  Jpegs and other attachments cannot be accepted. 







Here are the current Annual Contests sponsored by the Austin Poetry
Society and our patrons.


1.  The Austin Poetry Society Award
Sponsor:  The Austin Poetry Society
Any subject, any form, 28-line limit.  
1st  Prize:   $200
2nd  Prize:  $100
3rd  Prize:  $50
4th  Prize:  $35
5th  Prize:  $15 
2.  The President's Award 
Sponsor:  Mary Jane Philpy-Dollins
Subject:  Lost love. 
Any form, 28-line limit.
1st  Prize: $50 
2nd  Prize: $35
3rd  Prize: $15

3.  Down But Not Out
Sponsor:  Thomas F Smith  
Any subject.
Form: Petrarchan Sonnet, 14-lines.
(Think “How Do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
1st  Prize: $35
2nd  Prize: $15 
3rd  Prize: $10


4.  The Journey Award
Sponsor:  Greg Silver  
Subject:  A descriptive journey. 
Any form, 40-line limit.  
1st  Prize: $25
2nd  Prize: $15 
3rd  Prize: $10
5. The Fun Award
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash 
Subject:  Fun and Enjoyment. 
Any form, 35-line limit  
1st  Prize: $40
2nd  Prize: $20 
3rd  Prize: $10
6.  The Future Contest
Sponsor:  Benjamin Nash 
Subject:  Future Possibilities. 
Any form, 35-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $40
2nd  Prize:  $20  
3rd  Prize:  $10

7.  The Art of Poetry 
Sponsor:  Sergio Elizondo  
Subject:  The art of writing poetry. 
Any form, 30-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $50
2nd  Prize: $30
3rd  Prize:  $20


8.  Lyric History 
Sponsor:  Garrison Martt

Subject:  Any historical event. 
Any rhyming poetry, 30-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $25 
2nd  Prize: $15  
3rd  Prize:  $10

Sponsor:  Thomas F Smith and Layne Hendrick
Subject:  Any Topic. 
Style: Villanelle (think “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”)
19-Lines with traditional stanza breaks
1st  Prize:  $30
2nd  Prize: $20   
3rd  Prize:  $10


10.  Cento Contest 
Sponsor: Susan Martinello
Any subject.
Style: A collage poem composed of lines from other poems.
A minimum of 10 lines, no more than 30 lines.
(Please list the poets quoted in order – after the poem).
1st  Prize:  $25 
2nd  Prize: $20  
3rd  Prize:  $15      

11.  Delicious Poetry 
Sponsor:  Anonymous
Subject:  Food, beverages, meals, etc.
Any form, 30-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $25 
2nd  Prize: $15  
3rd  Prize:  $10     

12.  The Forces of Nature 
Sponsor:  Anonymous

Subject:  Any powerful aspect of nature such as rivers, oceans, volcanos,
tornados or the resilience of weeds, etc.
Any form, 30-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $25 
2nd  Prize: $15  
3rd  Prize:  $10

13.  Aloha Award
Sponsor:  Ailana Larson 
Subject:  Any heartfelt theme.
Any form, no line limit.
1st  Prize:  $30 
2nd  Prize: $20  
3rd  Prize:  $15     

14.  Poetry of Presence
Sponsors:  Jeffrey Taylor and Janelle Curlin-Taylor
Subject: As per the “Poetry of Presence” anthology: “good medicine
poems are mindful. Mindfulness is keeping our heads and hearts where
our bodies are. Moment by moment, we sustain a deep, nonjudgemental
awareness of our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and
surroundings, right where we are.” Seamus Heaney’s “Postscript” and
Mary Oliver’s “When I am Among the Trees” are both good examples.
Any form, 40-line limit.
1st  Prize:  $75
2nd  Prize: $50
3rd  Prize:  $25

Submissions for the Annual Contests will open August 1st and
close August 31st.

All current Austin Poetry Society members may enter any of the Annual
Contests, however these must all be submitted at the same time. Multiple
submissions per person are not allowed.  Later corrections are not
allowed. One-line titles do not count as lines unless specified.  Any
additional title lines, quotes, notes and spaces between lines count as
lines.  Detailed rules are emailed to current Austin Poetry Society
members.  Submissions must follow the APS Annual Awards rules and
sent by email to this address:


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