Annual Memberships are available through December 31st of each year.   Dues paid during a calendar year only apply to that year.  Members may enter any of our contests throughout the year without an additional fee.  Members may also be considered for our occasional publications.  Those with email addresses are the first to receive invitations to our programs.  Annual dues for 2023 are $20 per person and payable by check.  Please write to us with your name, address, phone and email.  We'll then update our membership roster and put you on our mailing list. 

Please note:  you don't have to live in Austin to be a member.  We have members throughout Texas and our country.  

Lifetime memberships are possible.  Please write to us if you are interested in this option.  


Patrons are members and non-members who donate additional funds to the Austin Poetry Society.  All patrons are acknowledged with our appreciation.  These donations are currently being made by a check payable to the Austin Poetry Society. 


General Patrons are those who donate $10 or more to the general expenses of the Austin Poetry Society.  We will acknowlege their support as patrons without referring to the amount donated.   


Contest Patrons are those who sponsor annual or special contests.  They may opt to appear anonymous as contest sponsors, however we will still to acknowlege their support as patrons. 


Volunteers are also needed.  These are usually members who donate their time and energies, either as officers or those with specic skills, such as editing, publishing, web design, bookkeeping and more.  Non-members may also serve in these capacities.  

The Austin Poetry Society was founded in 1949.  We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization of poets and patrons dedicated to poetry.  

Please contact us: 

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