APS meets on the third Saturday of each month from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M. at one of the branches of the Austin Public Library.



* January 18, 2020 at Manchaca Branch Library – 5500 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745

Presenter: Diana Conces

Monthly Contest entries due.


* February 15, 2020 at Twin Oaks Library – 1800 S 5th St, Austin, TX 78704

Presenter: Christa Pandey

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* March Meeting Cancelled due to Coronavirus Concerns

March 21, 2020 at Carver Branch Library – 1161 Angelina St, Austin, TX 78702

Presenter: Joyce Benvenuto

Monthly Contest entries due.


* April Meeting Cancelled due to Coronavirus Concerns

April 18, 2020 at Cepeda Branch Library – 651 N Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Presenter: Mike Jones

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* May 16, 2020 – online

Annual Awards Ceremony!




* September 19, 2020 at Carver Branch Library – 1161 Angelina St, Austin, TX 78702

Presenter: Detrick Hughes

Monthly Contest entries due.


* October 17, 2020 at Terrazas Branch Library – 1105 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Presenter: Marian Haddad

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* November 21, 2020 at Hampton Branch Library – 5125 Convict Hill Rd, Austin, TX 78749

Presenter: TBA

Monthly Contest entries due.


* December 19, 2020 – Old Quarry Branch Library – 7051 Village Center Dr, Austin, TX 78731

Holiday Party and Open Mic

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


Current Members

(Last updated April 5, 2020)

First Name Last Name Member Status
Kaye Voigt Abikhaled Patron, May 2020
Angel Abitua Patron, May 2020
Beverly Bagelman Reg., May 2020
Jean P. Baker Life member
Nona Blanchard Life member
Barbara Blanks Reg., May 2020
Alison Bogle Life member
Mary Ellen Branan Patron, May 2020
Liz Burroughs Life member
Scott B. Buster Life member
Claire Vogel Camargo Patron, May 2020
Scott Carpenter Reg., May 2021
Elzy Cogswell Life member
Contribut. Patron
Diana Conces Reg., May 2020
Lauren C. Currie Life member
Jan Kramer Dunlap Life member
Michael Eaton Reg., May 2020
Tamanna Ferdous Reg., May 2020
Nancy Fierstien Patron, May 2020
Sergio Elizondo Góngora Reg., May 2020
Ava Gregg Youth, May 2021
Barbara Gregg Patron, May 2021
Shirley Handley Life Member
Jerri Hardesty Reg., May 2020
Michelle Hartman Reg., May 2020
Ralph Hausser Patron, May 2020
Gunena Jones Reg., May 2020
Michael D. Jones Reg., May 2020
Carie Juettner Reg., May 2020
Elizabeth Kropf Reg., May 2020
Aisha Kureishy Reg., May 2018
Kate Lacy Reg., May 2020
Ailana Larson Reg., May 2020
Laraine Lasdon Reg., May 2020
Eileen Lawrence Reg., May 2020
Randy C. Lusk Life Member
Natalia Malesa Reg., May 2020
Malvern Books Patron, May 2018
Gary Emmett Martt Life Member
LaVern McCarthy Reg., May 2020
Dillon McKinsey Life Member
Betty Mol Life Member
Matt Morris Reg., May 2020
Benjamin Nash Patron, May 2020
Herman M. Nelson Life Member
Evan Olszewski Reg., May 2020
Cathleen M. O’Shea Reg., May 2021
CC Navarro Reg., May 2020
Christa S. Pandey Patron, May 2020
Danielle Pestrikoff Reg., May 2020
Jenny Lind Porter Honorary Member
Contribut. Patron
Leo Ramirez Reg., May 2020
Carolyn Luke Reding Life Member,
Contribut. Patron
John Reding Life Member
Sonja “Sonny” Regelman Reg., May 2020
Susan J. Rogers Reg., May 2020
Amy Jean Schumacher Reg., May 2020
Greg Silver Reg., May 2020
Bradley R. Strahan Reg., May 2020
Rachel Talen Reg., May 2020
Janelle Curlin-Taylor Patron, May 2020
Jeffrey Taylor Patron, May 2020
Sarah Joy Thompson Reg., May 2020
James Trask Reg., May 2020
Aleta Wilder Reg., May 2020
Jack Williams Reg., May 2020
David Lester Young Reg., May 2020


Helpful Links & Resources

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Past Yearbooks:

* Download the 2015-2016 yearbook here: 2015-2016 APS Yearbook (PDF)