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The Austin Poetry Society received a generous donation in honor of Patricia Fiske.

“Patricia Fiske has led a diverse creative life. She was an actress, performing at Zachary Scott Theatre in such shows as The Sunshine Boys, Tovarich, Mornings at Seven, Tribute, and A Life.

At Hyde Park Theatre, she was in The Princess Travels, Nuts, Piano Bar, and Final Touches. She also performed in Quail in the Pines at the Paramount Theatre and in Miss Liberty at the Zilker Hillside Theatre, where she had a standing ovation for her performance. She also performed in several films, Olympia, The Last Run, and Borderlands.

During the seventies, Patricia became a puppeteer, performing with her friend, Linalice Carey as The Bijuberti Puppet Players. They created over twenty-five shows and presented them at malls, in homes and in Hyde Park Theatre, which Linalice founded. Seven of her puppet plays have been published, as well as a book, CURTAIN CALLS-PUPPETRY FOR SENIORS, published by the Hogg Foundation.

She began writing poetry in the eighties and performing them at open mics around town. She has four chap books of her poetry, Late Bloomer, Old Yellow Dog, Lantana Lives, and Sacred Cycle. Her book, Spirit Rocks, is shared with three other poets.

Her poetry appears in: RUSTIC RUB, POESIA Y CALLE – 1996, AIPF SAMPLER – 1996, DI.VERSE.CITY TOO.

She founded a group called Ripe ‘N Ready, which performed works by the John Henry Faulk Theatre and was called, Prime Pickin’s.

She began writing for the theatre, starting with monologues and short plays and founded a production company, Writers for the Performing Arts, which produced four monologue and short plays shows for which she wrote and directed. More recently, she has written a memoir, Secrets I Couldn’t Tell My Children.”


Patricia Fiske

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Happy Belated 90th Birthday, Patricia Fiske!

We Love You!

Bellevue Possey!

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