APS meets on the third Saturday of each month from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M. at one of the branches of the Austin Public Library.




* September 16, 2017 at University Hills Library (4721 Loyola Ln, Austin, TX 78723)

Presenters: Nathan Brown

Monthly Contest entries due.


* October 21, 2017 at North Village Branch Library (2505 Steck Ave, Austin, TX 78757)

Presenter: Jena Kirkpatrick

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* November 18, 2017 at University Hills Library (4721 Loyola Ln, Austin, TX 78723)

Presenter: Alan Birkelbach

Monthly Contest entries due.


* December 9, 2017 at Yarborough Library (2200 Hancock Dr., Austin, 78756)

Holiday Party and Open Mic Poetry

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.




* January 20, 2018 at Yarborough Branch Library (2200 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78756)

Presenters: Edward Vidaurre

Monthly Contest entries due.


* February 17, 2018  (Location TBD)

Presenter: Alan Berecka

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* March 17, 2018 (Location TBD)

Presenter: TBD

Monthly Contest entries due.


* April 15, 2018 (Location TBD)

Presenter: TBD

Winners of the Monthly Contest will be announced.


* Details about the Annual Awards Banquet in May coming soon!



Current Members

The people listed below are current members of the Austin Poetry Society. Their memberships expire in May 2018 unless otherwise noted.

To become a member of APS, click here!

Kaye Voigt Abikhaled (expires May 2019)
Angel Abitua (Patron)
Lisa Avery
Jean P. Baker (Life member)
Nona Blanchard (Life member)
Barbara Blanks (expires May 2019)
Alison Bogle (Life member)
Von S. Bourland
Tammi Briscoe
Kathleen Burke
Liz Burroughs (Life member)
Yznah Bustamante (Youth membership)
Scott B. Buster (Life member)
Elzy Cogswell (Life member)
Diana Conces
Lauren C. Currie (Life member)
Jan Kramer Dunlap (Life member)
Michael Eaton
Doyle Morgan Fellers (Patron)
Nancy Fierstien (Patron)
Sampoorna Gonella
Chuck Grady
Jennifer Bloom Greenburg
Ava Gregg (Youth membership)
Barbara Gregg (Patron)
Hannah Gregg (Youth membership)
Alyce Guynn (Patron)
Shirley Handley (Life Member)
Jerri Hardesty
Brooke Harman
Ralph Hausser (Patron)
John Hoag (Patron)
Leah Jones
Michael D. Jones
Carie Juettner
Marcelle Kasprowicz (Patron)
Kirby Kerr
Preston Kirk
George Klawitter
Aisha Kureishy
Ailana Larson
Randy C. Lusk (Life Member)
Natalia Malesa
Malvern Books (Patron)
Gary Emmett Martt (Life Member)
Jack McCabe
LaVern McCarthy Spencer
Dillon McKinsey (Life Member)
Neil Meili
Judith Austin Mills (Patron)
Betty Mol (Life Member)
Benjamin Nash
Herman M. Nelson (Life Member)
Christa S. Pandey (Patron)
Ben Pehr
Carolyn Luke Reding (Life Member)
John Reding (Life Member)
Sonja “Sonny” Regelman
Greg Robinson
Susan J. Rogers
Shubh Bala Schiesser (Patron)
Bev Smith
Judy Lynne South
Nanette South Clark
Bradley R. Strahan
Janelle Curlin-Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor
Hal Tynan
Dr. Maria X. Wells (Patron)
Christine Wenk-Harrison
John MB White


Don’t see your name in this list? It’s possible your membership lapsed in May and you haven’t renewed yet. Go to the Join the APS page to renew or, if you think there’s been a mistake, email us at

(Last Update: December 20, 2017)

Helpful Links & Resources

* To read the APS By-Laws, click here.
* For the Poetry Society of Texas website, click here.
* For access to other resources, click here.

Past Yearbooks:

* Download the 2015-2016 yearbook here: 2015-2016 APS Yearbook (PDF)